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The Rules!

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The Rules! Empty The Rules!

Post  ZoopaZexy on Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:32 pm

Tolerance for breaking rules is non-existent. Staff will deal with you if caught so.

0(Pre).Rights of Members and Staff

0.1 - Staff have the right to Lock, Delete, Move, Edit, and Sticky and topics/posts we find are necessary to do so. You have no say in our actions.

0.2 - You have the right to post anything regarding the rest of these rules, we don't give a limit on Topics, posts, polls, PMs, or comments.

0.3 - You are not allowed to Mini-Mod, or do our job for us. If you see anybody breaking the rules, report to a Staff Member immediately and we will handle it as soon as we can.

0.4 - We do not do undos
Breaking the rules will result in consequences. We can not undo the consequences that you have so rightfully deserved.

1.General Posting
These are posts that can be made on accident without the notification that it is wrong

1.1 - No Flaming
Topics, replies, or profile comments. It is not accepted in anyway, even if you feel its necessary, which it is not in anyway.
Consequences: Depending on the seriousness of the issue, 1-7 days. Repeated Offenders will receive a Permanent Ban

1.2 - No General topics or Posts
No 'HELP ME!' or 'Look'. It is lacking info and evidence of the actual post.
Consequences: A Private Message will be sent to assure that this does not happen again. 1-2 Day ban will be received after you have assured that it will not happen again and it DOES happen again.

1.3 - No Spamming
There is a lot of circulation on this.
-There is posting in two sections because you do not know which or in the wrong section. Your post will be deleted and or moved to the right section.
-There is double posting the same thing, which is just an accident. You second post will be delete in this case
-Then there is straight up spamming stuff. Every topic you post, in multiple sections, spamming viruses, pornography, racism (read the rules there is on these items). This was done on purpose and will result in a Permanent Ban.

1.4 - English Only
This site's foundation was built and started on English language. Don't post or PM in any other language.
Consequences: A PM telling you about this rule in that foreign language. Repeated Offenders will receive a 7-day ban

1.5 - Ethical Posts
Only post it if you feel its necessary. Make your post readable with spelling and punctuation. A little grammar never hurt either.
Consequences:A PM telling this rule. Repeated Offenders will be Permanently Banned.

1.6 - Do not boost or overuse Reputation.
Keep your reputation points legit.
Consequences: Rep Reset, A PM, and a 1-Day Ban.

1.7 - Cursing
Major Swearing and cursing are not allowed. We have put up a word and username censor so this wont be a major problem. Try and restrain from doing so though.
Consequences: A PM, additional consequences will be served if offense is repeated.

1.8 - PLEASE Use the Search system!
If you have any questions, use the search feature before asking! This is not as serious crime here as you may not know at all.
Consequences: Topic may get closed.

1.9 - Goodbye Threads
These are annoying and most people do not care. If you fell its necessary, PM friends telling them goodbye
Consequences: Topic Deleted and a 1-Day ban.

1.10 - Do not post in wrong section
It is most of the time an accident, but please remember to post in the right section and we wont have any problems
Consequences: Topic Moved/Deleted

1.11 - This is not Facebook.
We don't care about your new fake girlfriend or your pet. That information is logged on were people care. Stay on topic here, General discussion cannot be spammed with this.
Consequences: A Private Message

If your post was good enough somebody will post in it to keep it active, do not bump your topic so it will stay active. Post accordingly and we wont have any problems to deal with you.
Consequences: Topic or post deleted/locked.

2.Advertising/Offensive posts
These are made on the account that you know or suspect consequences will be given. These don't go down so well.

2.1 - Site Advertising
Advertising to your site. Saying stuff about how it is better than the current site. no-no
Consequences: Permanent Ban

2.2 - Advertising Opinions
Unless its a rant on something, that will be posted in the rant section, trash that though on posting it. Your opinion is the opposite of fact, you believe what you believe, nobody thinks the same exact way
Consequences: Depending on seriousness of issue, 7-Day ban or Permanent Ban.

2.3 - Racism
This doesn't just go for posts. It also means avatars, videos, statuses, location, etc. Anything at all of this sort is not allowed in any sort of way.
Consequences: 2-7 Day Ban and a PM

2.4 - Nudity & Pornography
This is probably the most STRICTLY PROHIBITED rule on the site. We dont want it spread here and we dont want the spreader here. Nothing 18+
Consequences: Automatic Permanent Ban

2.5 - Violence & Gore
Real Life violence and gore is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This means pics and videos. This does not mean video game, as that is fake.
Consequences: Automatic Permanent Ban

2.6 - Bypassing Censor Barrier
We have put a censor on inappropriate language for posts and usernames. Anything to go around the censor (like a space in the middle) to make it show up is UNACCEPTABLE.
Consequences: A PM, Additional consequences will be served if offense continues

2.7 - Do not Spam PM's on Staff
We will get to you as soon as possible, no need to keep sending us PM's.
Consequences: Ignored and 1 Day ban.

2.8 - No Discriminating posts of any kind.
Its hurtful and never ends well.
Consequences: Depending on seriousness, 1 Day to 10 Day ban or Permanent ban.

2.9 - Privacy
No personal or private information is allowed on people. This includes pictures they rather keep private, location, ethnicity, etc.
Consequences: Permanent Ban

2.10 - Being a Devoted Member
If you are devoted to the site, posting, and such, don't attack new users or flame on people who don't know something. Greet new users with respect as they are making an entrance you once did.
Consequences: Depending on Seriousness of the issue, 2 to 7-Day ban

2.11 - Do not argue on a topic that wasn't originally posted for opinions or an argument.
Consequences: A PM, a 1-day ban will be received if understanding of this rule is not met

Trying to pretend your real and get money you do not deserve and accepting it or mooching.

3.1 - Reputation Scamming
Getting rep you don't deserve is prohibited.
Consequences: Rep Reset and a PM

3.2 - Money Scamming
Scamming for money is a serious issue, and it is the most prohibited rule in the rule book. If you are thinking of doing this, you need to get hella way from our site.
Consequences: Permanent Ban

3.3 - Item Scamming
Scamming for something that you pretended to pay for or took back the money while you did get the item you received. This counts as stuff like Jtag Lobbies, too.
Consequences: Permanent Ban

3.4 - Asking for Reputation
Asking for rep is plain stupid and not the right way to gain any of it.
Consequences: Rep Reset

3.5 - Youtube Subs
Even if it is not scamming, a legit lobby, it is not allowed on this website. Fake subs will eventually unsubscribe if they don't get what they asked for.
Consequences: 1-Day ban & PM. After that you still have not followed this rule, Permanent Ban

3.6 - Requesting free items
Such as 48 Hour Trials. Pay it properly like anyone else and you wont have a problem.
Consequences: PM, additional action will be dealt with if offense proceeds.

4.Marketplace Selling
This is stuff like Xbox's, Drives, Hard Drives, Games, etc.

4.1 - ISO & Illegal Digital Game Sharing
STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We allow you to share Mods and Hacks, but no Full games. Our tolerance on this is set -1. Everything we share on stuff like this will be posted in Gold Section, if you are gold member. Read the disclaimer as we don't agree with piracy.
Consequences: 7-Day ban.

4.2 - Piracy
Any other piracy, containing free music, software, etc. is also STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Everything we share on stuff like this will be posted in Gold Section, if you are gold member. Read the disclaimer as we don't agree with piracy.
Consequences: 7-Day ban.

4.3 - No Proof
If you are selling something that can include proof, put it down. This is to enforce scamming on the site.
Consequences: Closed Shop/Topic & PM

4.4 - Generators and Keygens
Stuff like 'Microsoft Point Generators' are not only fake, but pose a threat as Malicious content. We do not want our site to be the reason someone got a virus or broke their computer.

4.5 - Malicious Content/Viruses
We ask you post a virus scan before you post downloads to Giveaways and such. Any malicious content, which are mostly in common forms such as .exe's, .rar's, & .zip's.
-No Proof: A PM asking to show proof
-Proven Virus/Other Malicious Content: Instant Permanent Ban

4.6 - Selling, Buying, or Trading Accounts
Whether its Gamertags, Accounts on our site, or Gamebattles, nothing of the sort is allowed. If you feel someone has done this or asked you about it, PM staff and we will deal with it.
Consequences: If Proven traded/sold, account shall be banned.

5.Open Discussions
There are many forms of this, and it is invasion of privacy.

5.1 - Discussion of Banned Members
Whether Staff, Leechers, or Scammers, discussion of them is prohibited. Its invasion of privacy, which is also against the rules.
Consequences: A PM, further action will be taken if offense is still followed.

5.2 - Posting a topic that is currently already up for duscussion.
Ex: 'Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer footage' and you posting 'Is there any Modern Warfare 3 Footage?'
Consequences: Topic Deletion

5.3 - Multiple Topic Arguments
Arguing on topics that are not meant for arguing is already against the rules, but posting multiple topics from an original topic is not allowed
Consequences: Depending on Seriousness, a PM to a 1-Day Ban.

Update Log

Zexy 8/28/11 - Rules Posted

Want free Games\Software\More along with free infections and hacks that are on the site? Buy Gold and get to the gold section right away!

I'm hosting a weekly GFX competition soon! Practice naow!

Breaking the Rules will result in immediate warrant to Firing Squad by our Elite Admin Infantry, we dont miss and we dont care about your excuse!

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